Now That I Have Lourdes’ Attention: Open Offer

Last evening I had the distinct pleasure of receiving a DMCA Takedown Notice from none other than our beloved Lourdes Central Catholic!  No worries though, because I am a meme-ing machine that gives exactly ZERO fucks about Lourdes’ legal spending.  Now that I know I am living in their head, rent free, the fun is just getting started!

This humble little site generates NEARLY 100 unique views per month* (Feb 2020 did better than expected) from across the entire state of Nebraska.  I am flattered that Lourdes is paying a real actual lawyer to police a parody website.  I’m not sure the parents paying hard earned tuition money would agree, but I digress.

Lourdes, before you blow your entire legal budget policing my memes you can just have this domain for $150,000. Your boy Mark Cyza (is he STILL on administrative leave? Why is he on leave again?) will know how to get in touch! You’ve been killing it on your Annual Appeal and have already raised $179,000 this year alone (CONGRATULATIONS, BTW!), and have a “generous donor” that’s going to give you ANOTHER $200,000 this year just because.  How much money do you think it’s going to cost to regularly police this website?  How many years worth of funny material is out there to share?

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